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Impello® Tribus Grow

Impello® Tribus Grow

SKU: 000-55
$79.00 Regular Price
$47.40Sale Price

Tribus® Grow is a blend of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) specifically designed to optimize vegetative growth by populating the rootzone with beneficial bacteria that can fix, mobilize, and chelate nutrients necessary for healthy vegetative growth.

In addition to the added Brevibacillus  and B. licheniformis  species, which decrease the chance of nutrient burn and increase enzyme production, this blend utilizes the same powerful bacteria that are in our other blends, but in concentrations that better suit the plant's needs from seed germination through the flowering transition period. 


While this formulation has been optimized for vegetative growth, it retains all of the growth promoting characteristics of our original Tribus Original™ formula:

  • produces enzymes and other biochemicals that mobilize nutrients and aid in nutrient uptake

  • can aid in iron and micronutrient uptake

  • low-foaming and low-biofilm formulation makes hydroponic use practical

  • in soil/potting media, these bacteria can survive for years (even during drought!)

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