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Root Riot

Root Riot

SKU: 000-51

Root Riot grow plugs are supplied already moist.  If they have become dry to touch, simply re-wet by placing them in a bowl of lukewarm water.  The plant starter plugs should be spongy and moist – not saturated.  Ideally they should be at room temperature.  Unused cubes should be kept in the plastic bag to prevent drying.



  • Select cutting material – most species are best propagated from softwood tips.  Prepare the material by cutting diagonally below a node or stem swelling.  Remove all but a couple of leaves.
  • Dip the cut end into  Clonex Rooting Gel  and then place gently into the pre-formed hole in the top of the cube.  Do not force the cutting in, insert it just far enough to support it.
  • Mist cuttings with  Clonex Mist  as directed, and cover the tray with a clear lid or plastic bag to increase humidity.  Maintain this humidity with regular misting.



  • Simply place seed into the hole of the cube.
  • Put the tray in a warm place until germination.


Keep an eye on the moisture in the cubes, especially in warm conditions which will speed drying out.  Ideally moisture should just come to the surface when squeezed.  If not, gently water the cubes and then drain well.

The new plant is ready to be transplanted when roots are visible.  Cubes can also now be transferred to any growing system.

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